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$10 Headchecks

100% Free Every Tuesday

Head checks are important. All family members should be checked if one of you have been infested or you think one of your family members have head lice.


Lice Masters performs an initial head check to identify if there is any evidence of lice or lice eggs commonly known as nits. If there is evidence, we inform you and show you our findings. At this time, you may elect to be treated in our treatment center, or there are other options we can discuss with you.

At Lice Masters we only treat if we can show you evidence of head lice.


Lice Masters loves giving back to our community.

We provide free headchecks for schools. daycares, and camps.

Complete Head Lice Removal

One Treatment 100% Guaranteed

No Hidden Fees

Premium 3-Step Head Lice Removal Treatment $150

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Spending Account (HSA) Approved.



Lice Masters treatments and products are backed by scientific research allowing the best treatment, product, and services for the removal of head lice.

Lice Masters specializes in non-toxic, pesticide-free lice treatments and products. Lice Masters 3-step lice treatment and removal process consists of our comb-out spray and an extra strength lice finisher, followed by a warm air head massage that aids in the elimination process of lice and their eggs, completely stopping lice and supper lice infestations in its tracks. 


Our practitioners take meticulous care to remove all lice and nits from each hair strand by thoroughly combing through the hair with our eliminator comb, The best lice combs on the market.



Lice Masters' services come with a 

100%  30 day guarantee. 

In order to qualify for our guarantee, all members of a household must be examined by Lice Masters staff and either cleared or treated by us if lice are observed by our lice practitioners.


We do not give refunds. In the uncommon event, you are treated by Lice Masters, and evidence of a continuing lice infestation is observed within 30 days of the initial treatment, your guarantee will be honored and we will re-treat you for free . Please save any specimen you find so we may examine them. 

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